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December 4, 2013
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HoM || Lydia and Rikan by meowtsuoka HoM || Lydia and Rikan by meowtsuoka

.|| H O S T ||. 

Name: Lydia Wynters
Nickname(s): Lyds (nothing else so far) 
Gender: Female 
Age: 14
Birthday: May 4th
House: Giants 
Rank: Soilder
Level: 1
Positive: intelligent, loyal, courageous, outspoken, protective
Neutral: fun-loving, charismatic, calculating
Negative: aggressive, stubborn, stuck-up, closed-off, un-trusting  
-reading and studying (but only on subjects she holds interest in)
-all kinds of music/listening to music
-making herself look nice/buying nice clothes
-exploring/searching new places no matter for big or scary!
-meeting new people (as long as they are nice and won't judge her for anything)
-playing around on jungle-gyms/swing sets/laying on the top of the slide
-watching the stars
-losing a fight
-begin pestered/annoyed purposely
-unintelligent people
-being alone
-obnoxious people
-being naked in front of anyone/anyone seeing her change clothes
-boys/boys that are older than her  
-makeup/wearing makeup
-being judged/treated harshly 


the beginning
    Lydia was born into a small family that lived in the deep woods that bordered the town of Meansville. Her father was a dedicated and intelligent botanist, and her mother was a stay at home woman, caring for Lydia and her elder sister, Imogene, and making little homegoods to sell in town to help make money and support the family.
    The Wynter family was pretty well known in the little town they called home, and for the first three years of Lydias young life, things were quiet and peaceful. She doesn't remember much, little memories of a faceless man and woman holding her, playing with her outside in the summertime. She remembers little smells, (her fathers work clothes, his hair) and little feelings (her mothers hair brushing against her face, her soft hands cradling Lydia into sleep)
    An unfamiliar figure, cloaked in a soft blue light following after her sister from room to room. 
    That's all she can recall. 
the break
   Christmas was nearing and the Wynter family was more than prepared for it. Lydia was three years old at the time, and her sister was about to turn eighteen. A hard age for her sister. She was often depressed and moody. Lydia didn't see the blue figure around her much anymore. 
    The cheery holiday was supposed to be a nice tension breaker for the elder Wynter child. A way to cheer her up from this odd little mood she'd fallen into half a year ago. 
    Around 10 PM, Mr. and Mrs. Wynter ended up in a fatal car accident. They had gone out to gather Christmas decorations? Pick something up from the store? Lydia never found out. But on that blizzardy night her parents lives ended.
    The funeral took place less than two weeks later, and the next month Imogene's eighteenth came around. 
    The blue figure disappeared completely. 
a new life
Imogene had begun to take care of Lydia after her parents died. The young adult tried her hardest to support herself and her sister, but the bills began to pile up, and the child services began to knock at the houses doors before long. The stress became too much for Imogene, she didn't want to give up her sister, the only family she had left...but the burden on her shoulders was driving her mad. 
    They ended up finding a room with an older woman closer to the city. Her husband had died and she needed someone to take care of her until she could transfer into a retirement home. 
    Lydia despised the new house, and the elderly woman who came with it. It was boring and stuffy, and she was never allowed to do anything! She felt like she was going to go mad before her sister would. 
    They lived in that house for three long years, and during those years Lydia grew further and further apart from her sister, who was constantly out of the house working, and always too tired or never patient enough to spend time with her. 
    The old woman ended up having a stroke and perished a few months into their fourth year, and Imogene gathered up their belongings and her sister and left the house without a second glance. 
    The two end up living in Imogene's car for a whole month, and finally something snaps. How it started? Who knows. But things were said and the fight was explosive. Lydia was turning seven and hadn't attended a mere year of school yet. She was lonely. She was bored. She was frustrated and angry and didn't even know why. 
    Imogene called her a selfish, ungrateful child. 
    Lydia told her sister she hated her. 
    The following years were frigid and silent. Nothing further was said between them.  
another start
    Imogene found work. A miracle. She and Lydia had been flitting from house to house and place to place for the last six years. Lydia had taken up schooling herself during those years, teaching herself different things from the school books Imogene would collect for her. But this time, Imogene had found a home. A permanent home. A place where they wouldn't have to worry about some creep trying to attack them while they slept, or a shady roommate stealing all their meager belongings. 
    No one would know them there, they could start fresh. 
    Lydia was nearly bursting with excitement at the thought of it. She longed to get out of the stupid strip of houses and apartments that she and Imogene had been rotting in for her whole life. 
    They were going to move to a place named Meansville. A real town!

    Things to improve, still a little tense and awkward, but not as bad as before. Lydia still can't find any way to truly communicate with her older sister, but at least they aren't constantly fighting 
    She ends up enrolled in a private school. Her first time around children her age!
    And it showed. Despite her initial excitement about the whole idea, Lydia was horribly awkward. Her voice was always louder than it needed to be, her hands always shaking and limbs jerking slightly because of her nerves. Her clothes were hand-me-downs and old looking. Her hair wasn't good enough, her face was too pimply, she looked like a total loser. A geek. She was so obnoxious. She was so weird.  
    Kids used her for her smarts. They only wanted to be her 'friend' to get the right answers on a test or worksheet, and then abandoned her when they didn't have any use of her. 
    Despite finishing with exceptional grades and many academic awards, Lydias 7th grade year was a pretty bad one. 

    The next year Lydia arrived at Middle School again, determined for a change. This year she wasn't going to make the same mistakes. This time she wasn't going to let anyone walk over her. She had changed. Her clothes were up to par with Middle Schools current fashion, her skin clear and hair shimmery and casually done. 
    Middle Schoolers are simple creatures. Lydia won them all over my her third day. 

    Despite her new-found popularity, Lydia was as lonely as ever. She had many 'friends' at school, but she was cautious around them, knowing full well if she acted one way they would turn against her. She acted like a flirtatious, girly and cheerful lady at school, studied like a demon at home, and was lonely as hell no matter where she went. 
    One day she was wandering around the town, she had found herself enjoying that past time, and exploring the town was super fun! She ended up wandering into the metro area, and found a little hole in the wall shop. It didn't have a logo or anything, just a little door that read; OPEN. Lydia only hesitated a second before ambling inside. 
    It was some sort of pet store...except intend of little puppies and hamsters, reptiles of very kind lines the shelves. 
    Lydia was immediately enchanted. She browsed the store for hours, taking her time to investigate all the tortoises and lizards and snakes that were in the numerous glass aquariums. They were all ridiculously beautiful creatures, and she hadn't seen anything like them before. 
    She ended up coming back to the shop every day after school for three weeks straight, and the shop keeper ended up approaching her before she headed out on Friday. 
"I see you are very interested in my reptiles, young lady."
"A-Ah! Yes! I am, uh, was I that obvious about it?"
"I have a good eye for reptile lovers, seeing I am one myself."
"Yes, ah, that makes sense?..."
The shopkeepers chuckle was a low baritone, his green eyes fixed on Lydia, and a soft smile wove its way onto his old face. "Would you like a job, miss?"
"...What kind of job?"

    She found herself with a job that night, helping out with the shop and taking care of the reptiles that lived there. She loved it, but was careful about it as well. If anyone from school found out about this, she would be made fun of for sure!
      One night, Lydia was sweeping up the shop, ready to close. The moon was already shining in the sky, and it was just her and the reptiles for the night. The moons light shone through the glass window on the door and caught something, making a sharp glint shine across the dim room. Lydia quickly investigated, finding the source of light coming from behind a large bookshelf. Lydia dropped to her knees, peeking underneath it. There it was! A shiny...thing. She bit her lip and stretched her arm underneath the dusty bookshelf, and after a moment her hand finally wrapped around the object. 
    She pulled it out with a cloud of dust in her wake, waving it away to reveal...
a large...scale? 
what could it be?
    Lydia took the scale home that night. Its really pretty and she couldn't help but slip it into her pocket before closing up shop. It's so old must have been dropped her ages ago! Surely no one could be looking for it...ahaha...ha

    She lay in bed that night, holding the scale above her head and inspecting it. It was a huge, orange scale. Shimmery and glinting in the moonlight. It was as big as her hand, but nearly feather light! Surely it belonged to the largest snake imaginable! 

    It did. 

.|| SPIRIT ||.

Name: Rikan 
Gender: Male
Elemental Ability
Earth Manipulation 
Weapon / Fighting Style: 
Teeth (fangs are coated with poison) 
Tail / Physical strength 

Positive: cool-headed, hardworking, loyal, sensible 
Neutral: protective, fun-loving, charming (as a snake can be, that is) 
Negative: wrathful, passive aggressive, manipulating  

.|| OTHER ||.

None so far!  
Other information: 

Roleplay example: 
  From TheSilverRiver between me and xDreamyWishesx
The sound of another cats voice filled the females ears, deep and rich, yet a soft and charismatic lilt was laced through it. 
"Hello anyone home?" The teasing tone was evident, and Mudsplash already felt her pelt flush slightly, turning her vibrant gaze towards the stranger. 

He was huge. That was the first thing the female took note of. A thick silvery coat lined with ink dark stripes that seemed to trace every muscle ectehed lightly against his coat.  Sharp, defined facial features coupled with rich, autumn colored eyes and a soft smile across his muzzle.

Mudsplash instantly wished she hadn't looked up at all, her skin warming even more when she saw the cat that came with the entrancing voice. He was looking at her with a soft, slightly expectant look, and Mudsplash realized with a jolt that he had asked her a question. "Ah! I'm sorry," she coughed awkwardly, tail tip twitching slightly, "I suppose I was letting my mind wander..." 
✔ Notes | YES
✔ Skype | YES
/ Chats | MAYBE
✘ Comments | NO

✔ G/PG | YES
✔ PG-13 | YES

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