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July 5
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15 (who?)
KKT ] a shley c roft by meowtsuoka KKT ] a shley c roft by meowtsuoka
*looks into the mirror*
sings: pretty hurts....

Ashley Croft
19 // saying he is 23 // ( sep . 8 )
dog: border collie & german shepherd mix
Police Officer (may or may not be saying he is 23 so he can have this job)
boardgame hobbyist and yu-gi-oh card collector 
may or may not be in love with several anime boys we just don't know
goes to community college for art classes
sassy and snarky
quick learner
adapts to situations quickly
sarcastic and suspicious
geeky to the core (sailor uranus is my wife.........)
amazing long and short term memory
compulsive and hotheaded
sometimes jumps the gun and dives in before thinking
very cagey and secretive, doesn't enjoy handing out personal information
acts kind of snobby and rude to make people not want to befriend him
loyal to a fault and protective

anime,,,, and manga (especially romance)
boardgames and cardgames
drawing shitty anime pictures
going to school for art classes
going to the library
having his ears petted
sleeping in 
fantasy movies & supernatural , sherlock , doctor who ect. 
fantasy RPG
rap music and hiphop
cussing people out in Spanish
nosy or obnoxious people
those assholes who talk during class
alcohol and cigarettes (joining the force only increased this dislike)
deep water (aquaphobic)
losing or misplacing things
being publicly berated
seeing Blake upset or scared
fluent in Spanish and English
a very good writer and strategist
very good at charcoal drawings
athletically capable
quick learner and great memorization skills
is very good at singing so loudly in the shower he wakes up the whole apartment complex
fighting with landlords
fighting with shop owners
getting kicked out of places
getting banned from public places
sleeping like the dead
the doggy paddle
singing Beyonce songs
punching criminals in the face
finding ways to arrest people
extremely rude and insubordinate
doesn't like being told what to do
tends to ignore people he doesn't like
very bad at being friends and making friends
gets bored with people easily and will not call or text back
very bad at remembering names and faces, and will forget someone right after meeting them
is not very good at acting like an adult
has the emotional and physical delicacy of a tranqualized elephant
does not know how to flirt with ppl so he will b alone 4evr

i will update this with a playlist later but for now 
this is his themesong
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